Instance Vault

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Instance Vault
07.10.2014 V1.2 is up

  • New Function: Create Instances now has an option to replace the selected objects by instances of the one you had selected last.
  • If you double execute your Menu shortcut, Swap Instances is executed.
  • R16 ready and some other workflow enhancements. www Tag is now a Coffee tag.

Instance Vault is a workflow plugin for Cinema 4d. It speeds up working with instances and adds some new handy functions to c4d. If you use it professionally, please consider a donation.

Watch the tutorial on Vimeo to see how to work with it.

Watch the tutorial Instance Vault

c4d Vray Tools

Download c4d Vray Tools v1.0

c4d Vray Tools make working with Vray Shaders as easy as with c4d shaders. Also you can convert c4d shaders of old scenes quickly to get Vray Standalone ready.

Vray Shader Mode: You can work with Vray Shader the same way as with c4d shaders. Drag&drop bitmaps from outside c4d or load them with Load Image, they get converted to AdvBitmaps automatically. As you create Filter, Layer, Color, Fusion, Noise, Gradient, Fresnel, Tiles, and Checker Maps, they instantly become their Vray counterpart. For Filter, Layer and Fusion the previous shader becomes the subshader, just like with c4d shaders. Also VrayColorCorrection gains Lightness and Brightness controls like c4d filter!

Vray DR check: Checks materials for Vray Standalone incompatible shaders or material types. Shows you what is wrong and selects those materials.

Vray Shader Convert: Converts Filter, Layer, Color, Fusion, Noise, Gradient, Fresnel, Tiles, and Checker Maps to their Vray Shader counterparts as closely as possible. Optionally it creates backup reference copies of converted materials .

Presets: Two preset files: Vray Effects and Vray Surfaces. For quickly choosing every Vray Shader type. Also some shader settings have been optimized.

Make sure to read the included README!